DYB and the Easy Bake Oven

I recently had a potential customer ask if our mixes could be made in an Easy Bake Oven. This was something I had planned to test with my daughter for awhile so this was just the pants kick I needed. Last night we set out to test. We made the double chocolate chip cookie mix and MIYM Shortbread. 

I had added an extra egg to the chocolate cookie mix, this made it more brownie like. First we did a full pan and cut it into squares. 

Our cocoa is so dark it’s nearly black. These were super yummy! 

We then did cookies but because the dough was not chilled they flattened out. Chilled the dough and tried again. 

We whipped up the shortbread next… the fork marks didn’t stay but they still tasted great. 

Since it’s an Easy Bake one of our mixes will have your child baking for days as it makes enough for a normal batch. My daughter is currently baking away right now. Some adult help is required since our mixes are not just “add water and stir”. I don’t like the fact it’s hard to check on baking items in the current design but I’ve been baking long enough to guesstimate. The oven runs around 375 f and most batches took 12 minutes to bake. 

Next up is Baked Enchilada Dip once she’s done baking 1200 double chocolate chip cookies… 


Old Spaghetti Factory’s Garlic Chicken Knockoff

Last week I went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and ordered the Grilled Garlic Chicken. The other day I created a home knockoff (that was better IMO)

I marinated 6 chicken breasts in
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp Mediterranean Seasoning (from DYB)
1 tsp Zesty Lemon Herb seasoning (Also DYB, not available alone, it’s an exclusive in the Season My Pantry Bundle)
1/2 tsp Oh La La Garlic Bread Seasoning (DYB)
3 cloves garlic chopped.
Dash of Salt & Pepper
Grilled on the George Foreman

Side dish was angel hair pasta with a garlic butter sauce
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup butter
4 cloves garlic (see a theme here?) chopped
2 tsp Mediterranean Seasoning
Cook pasta as you normally would. If you’re like me, cook way too much.
Add butter and oil to saucepan, using low to med heat, lightly saute garlic until tender, add seasoning, toss with pasta, serve immediately. Add fresh grated Parmesan to taste when serving.

Veggie side was grape tomatoes with pesto (store bought Classico, sue me), super quick and easy

Prep (besides marinating) was 20 minutes tops (chopping garlic and grating parm)

No photos because I was too busy inhaling supper…. 10/10 will make again and will take photos 🙂